Department of Mathematics
Tennessee Technological University

Technical Reports

The Department began publishing its Technical Reports series during the 1998/1999 academic year. The Reports are intended as an internal preprint series to stimulate faculty and student research and publications. It is expected that papers published in the series may undergo some modifications before appearing in a professional journal. Dr. Allan Mills, Interim Chair of the Department, is the Editor of the Reports.

Guidelines for the Authors

TTU mathematics faculty and students should submit to the Editor one printed copy of the paper along with a diskette containing .tex and .dvi files along with all macros and picture files needed to process the .tex file. It is preferred that papers be submitted in LaTeX2e using \documentclass{article} style. Submission in AMS-TeX is also possible. For more information regarding the technical aspects please contact Vickie Mayberry.


The following Technical Reports have been published and are available for downloading.






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