Integration  Techniques

Integration Bee Results

The TTU Department of Mathematics stages an Integration Bee each spring.
With the support of First Tennessee Bank, we have awarded a $125 first place prize,
a $50 second place prize, and a $25 third place prize. 

9th Annual Integration Bee
                         Thursday, April 7, 2011
6:00 pm
Bruner Hall Auditorium, Room 119

The 1st prize is $125, the 2nd $50, and the 3rd $25

All TTU undergraduate students are eligible to participate

Please register* at Department of Mathematics

Bruner Hall 235, by April 4

Integration Bee Rules

    1.  Participants will be randomly ordered at the start of each round. Participants will take turns working integrals. The
       first participant will have 3 minutes to evaluate an integral. If this is not done correctly then the second participant
          will have 1 minute on the same integral. If they fail, the third (assuming that there are at least still 3 contestants) will       have 30 seconds on this integral. If all three fail then a new integral will be given to the fourth contestant and the sequence repeats. If the integral is evaluated correctly, the next participant gets a new integral and 3 minutes.

     2.  Each participant is allowed one lifeline during the competition. They may call timeout and consult with anyone
          in the audience for 30 seconds before proceeding. The participant cannot write during this consultation.

     3.  A round is complete when each contestant in that round has had the same number of problems (usually 1) and
          some contestant has correctly solved a problem.

     4.  Each participant answering an integral correctly receives one point and is allowed to advance to the next round.

     5.  Problems asked in one round will not be used in following rounds.

     6.  The participant receiving the most points is the champion.
     7.  Participants with the same number of points are considered to be tied.

*You may register via e-mail. 
Write (1) your name (first, last name) and (2) the course number(s) currently enrolled in Mathematics
 (MATH 1920, MATH 2110, etc) if any,

and send it to with the subject title "Integration bee registration."