Schedule for the Mathematics Graduate Seminar

Fall 2017
Everyone is invited to attend

The seminar is scheduled from 1:30 - 2:50 on Thursday afternoons. Refreshments are served in the Bruner second floor lounge starting at 1:30. The colloquium/seminar will be in Bruner 305 or 420 from 2:00-2:50.

The exact topic for each talk and a brief abstract will (usually) be posted on the Upcoming Talk page during the week in which the talk is scheduled. Abstracts for future talks may be available by clicking on the titles.

Date Speaker Title
September 7 Rafal Ablamowicz A Classification of Clifford Algebras as Images of Group Algebras of Salingaros Vee Groups
September 14 Multiple Thesis Fair
September 21 Damian Kubiak Orthogonality types in Banach spaces
September 28 Chris Davis An introduction to the partition of unity finite element method
October 5 Jeff Norden What every grad student should know about set theory
October 12 Padmini Veerapen On Noncommutative Algebra: Quadratic Forms, Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry and Lie algebras, & the Discriminant Criterion and Automorphism Groups
October 19 Chris Davis A partition of unity method for fourth order problems
October 26 Allan Mills Odd Numbers in Pascal's Triangle
November 2 David Smith Introduction to the EM algorithm
November 9 Andrew Hetzel What are the chances that two members of a ring will annihilate each other?
November 16 Amy Chambers Multiresolution Analysis and the Haar Wavelet
November 23 No Seminar Thanksgiving Break
November 30 Jared Daniels The Importance of the TTU Math Department: How I Got Here and Why I'm Here
December 7 No Seminar Last Week of Class