Table of Contents: Volume 1

  Rafal Ablamowicz and Bertfried 

  Preface to Volume 2 
  John Ryan and Wolfgang Sprößig

   Dedication to Gian-Carlo Rota 
   Bernd Schmeikal 

 1. Physics—Applications and Models

  Multiparavector Subspaces of Cl
  Theorems and Applications
  William E. Baylis 

  Quaternionic Spin
  Tevian Dray and Corinne A. Manogue 

  Pauli Terms Must Be Absent in 
       Dirac Equation
  Kurt Just and James Thevenot 

  Electron Scattering in the Spacetime 
  Antony Lewis, Anthony Lasenby, and 
       Chris Doran

 2. Physics—Structures

  Twistor Approach to Relativistic 
       Dynamics and to the Dirac
       Equation—A Review
  Andreas Bette 

  Fiber with Intrinsic Action on a 1+1 
       Dimensional Spacetime
  Robert W. Johnson 

  Dimensionally Democratic Calculus
       and Principles of Polydimensional 
  William M. Pezzaglia Jr. 

  A Pythagorean Metric in Relativity
  Franco Israel Piazzese 

  Clifford-Valued Clifforms: A
      Geometric   Language for Dirac 

  Jose G. Vargas and Douglas G. Torr 

  3. Geometry and Logic

 The Principle of Duality in Clifford 
       Algebra and Projective Geometry
  Oliver Conradt

  Doing Geometric Research with
       Clifford Algebra
  Hongbo Li 

  Clifford Algebra of Quantum Logic
  Bernd Schmeikal 

 4. Mathematics—Deformations

  Hecke Algebra Representations in
       Ideals Generated by q-Young
       Clifford Idempotents
  Rafal Ablamowicz and Bertfried Fauser

  On q-Deformations of Clifford Algebras
  Gaetano Fiore 

  Dirac Operator, Hopf Algebra of 
       Renormalization and Structure of 
  Marcos Rosenbaum and J. David 

  Noncommutative Spaces for Graded 
       Quantum Groups and Graded 
       Clifford Algebras
  Michaela Vancliff 

 5. Mathematics—Structures

  Clifford Algebras and the Construction 
       of the Basic Spinor and 
       Semi-Spinor Modules
  Johan Gijsbertus Frederik Belinfante

  On the Decomposition of Clifford 
       Algebras of Arbitrary Bilinear Form
  Bertfried Fauser and Rafal Ablamowicz 

  Covariant Derivatives on Minkowski 
  Virginia V. Fernández, Antonio M. 
  Moya, and Waldyr A. Rodrigues, Jr.


  An Introduction to Pseudotwistors:
      Spinor Solutions vs. Harmonic 
      Forms and Cohomology Groups
  Julian Lawrynowicz and Osamu Suzuki

  Ordinary Differential Equation: 
       Symmetries and Last Multiplier
  Zbigniew Oziewicz and José Ricardo 
       R. Zeni

  Universal Similarity Factorization Equa-
       lities Over Complex Clifford 
  Yongge Tian 


  Volume 2: Table of Contents

  John Ryan and Wolfgang Sprößig 
  Preface to Volume 1
  Rafal Ablamowicz and Bertfried

  1. Partial Differential Equations and
      Boundary Value Problems

  On Quaternionic Beltrami Equations
  Uwe Kähler

  Möbius Transformation, Green's 
       Func-tion and Degenerate Elliptic 
  Xinhua Ji 

  Quaternionic Analysis in Fluid
  Wolfgang Sprößig 

  2. Singular Integral Operators

  Fourier Theory Under Möbius
  Xinhua Ji, Tao Qian, and John 

  On the Cauchy Type Integral and the 
       Riemann Problem
  Juan Bory Reyes and Ricardo Abreu 

  Convolution and Maximal Operator 
       Inequalities in Clifford Analysis
  Mircea Martin 

  3. Applications in Geometry and 

  A Borel-Pompeiu Formula in Cn and
       its Application to Inverse 
       Scattering Theory
  Swanhild Bernstein 

  Complex-Distance Potential Theory 
       and Hyperbolic Equations
  Gerald Kaiser 

  Specific Representations for 
      Members of the Holonomy Group
  John Snygg 

  An Extension of Clifford Analysis 
       Towards Supersymmetry
  Frank Sommen 

  The Geometry of Generalized Dirac
      Operators and the Standard Model
      of Particle Physics
  Jürgen Tolksdorf 

  4. Möbius Transformations and 
      Monogenic Functions

  The Schwarzian and Möbius 
       Transfor-mations in Higher 
  Masaaki Wada and Osamu Kobayashi 

  Structure of Monogenic Functions
  Yakov Krasnov 

  On the Radial Part of the Cauchy-
       Riemann Operator
  Thomas Hempfling 

  Hypercomplex Derivability—The 
       Characterization of Monogenic 
       Functions in Rn+1 by Their 
  Helmuth R. Malonek 

  Hypermonogenic Functions
  Sirkka-Liisa Eriksson-Bique and 
  Heinz Leutwiler

  Reproducing Kernels for Hyperbolic 
  Paula Cerejeiras 



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