The International Conference will be devoted to the mathematical and mathematical physics aspects of Clifford algebras, and their applications in cybernetics, robotics, image processing and engineering. Among the mathematical structures considered are the Grassmann algebras, quaternions, spinor structures, Clifford algebras for arbitrary bilinear form, Dirac and Pauli matrix algebras, algebra of multivectors, Hecke algebras, Young operators, braided geometry, local and global problems for Dirac operators. Their applications in physics cover a wide range of topics from classical mechanics to general relativity, electromagnetism, elementary particle physics, many aspects of (relativistic or not) quantum mechanics, Clifford analysis, Dirac operators and their links to differential geometry, Seiberg-Witten theory.

Previous meetings took place at: University of Kent, Canterbury, U.K., 1985; University of Montpellier, Montpellier, France, 1989; University of Gent, Gent, Belgium, 1993 and University of Aachen, Germany, 1996.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Marcelo A. Aguilar (UNAM, Instituto de Matematicas, Mexico)
Raymundo Bautista (UNAM, Instituto de Matematicas, Mexico)
Jose Antonio De la Pena Mena (UNAM, Instituto de Matematicas, Mexico)
Jaime Keller (UNAM, Facultad de Quimica, Mexico)
Zbigniew Oziewicz (UNAM, Facultad de Estudios Superiores, Cuautitlan)
Enrique Ramirez de Arellano (Instituto Politecnico Nacional, CINVESTAV, Departamento de Matematicas, Mexico)
Marcos Rosenbaum (UNAM, Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, Mexico)
Adolfo Sanchez Valenzuela (Centro de Investigaciones de Matematicas, Guanajuato)
Garret Sobczyk (Universidad de las Americas, Cholula)

International Advisory Board:

Rafal Ablamowicz, Tennessee Technological University, U.S.A., ,
William E. Baylis, University of Windsor, Canada, ,
Andrzej Borowiec, University of Wroclaw, Poland,
John Stephen Roy Chisholm, University of Kent, U.K.,
Richard Delanghe, Universiteit Gent, Belgium,
Waldyr Alves Rodrigues, Jr., State University at Campinas, Brazil, ,
John Ryan, University of Arkansas, U.S.A., ,
Frank Sommen, University of Gent, Belgium,

Special Sessions:

"ACACSE'99 Applied Clifford Algebra in Cybernetics, Robotics, Image Processing and Engineering"
Organized by E. J. Bayro-Corrochano and Garret Sobczyk
Please send your abstract to E. J. Bayro-Corrochano or Garret Sobczyk, and send another copy to
For more information go to
"Global and Local Problems for Dirac Operators"
Organized by: Enrique Ramirez de Arellano
John Ryan or, and Wolfgang Sproessig
Please send your abstract to either Enrique Ramirez de Arellano, John Ryan or Wolfgang Sproessig, and send another copy to
For more information go to,158139/Mexico

Conference Official E-mail Address:

All communication regarding the scientific aspects of the Conference should be sent to:


All communication regarding hotel accommodations, travel, flights, etc. should be sent to: Senora Irma Vigil de Aragon, phone (525) 622-3719 (from 10:00 until 14:00 local time only), FAX numbers are (525) 616-2010 or (525) 872-0984.

Invited Speakers:
BELGIUM: Richard Delanghe, Frank Sommen
BRASIL: Waldyr Rodrigues
CANADA:  William E. Baylis 
ENGLAND: Michael Atiyah, Chris Doran
FINLAND: Pertti Lounesto 
FRANCE: Jacques Helmstetter, Pierre Hillion, Roger Boudet, Max Karoubi, Artibano Micali, Philippe Revoy
GERMANY: Eduardo J. Bayro - Corrochano, Wolfgang Sproessig
MEXICO: Enrique Ramirez de Arellano, Marcelo A. Aquillar, Raymundo Bautista, Micho Durdevich, Octavio Obregon, Jose Antonio De la Pena Mena, Suemi Rodriguez Romo, Marcos Rosenbaum, Michael Shapiro, Garret Sobczyk, Adolfo Sanchez Valenzuela
POLAND:  Andrzej Trautman, Stanislaw Lech Woronowicz, Zbigniew Oziewicz, Andrzej Borowiec
SPAIN: Josep M. Parra
USA: Rafal Ablamowicz, Timothy Havel, Robert Hecht-Nielsen, David Hestenes, John McCarthy, John Ryan, Gian - Carlo Rota (deceased)

The organizers of the Conference note with regret a recent death of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Gian-Carlo Rota, an internationally respected mathematician and philosopher, who died of heart failure in his home earlier this week. He was 66. Professor Rota was one of our Invited Speakers.

Important deadlines:
DEADLINE for ABSTRACTS:  May 31, 1999 
(On-site Registration will be available in Ixtapa upon arrival. 
Go to Registration for more.)
June 21, 1999
Registration is now closed.
You can still register in Ixtapa 
upon arrival.
(only Conference attendance):
ARRIVAL: SUNDAY, June 27, 1999
FINAL VERSION of PAPER in LaTeX2e: August 15, 1999

Further Information:

1. Conference organizers regret to inform all potential participants that due to limited funds they are unable to cover any transportation costs. This means that all participants of the Conference need to secure their own funds to cover transportation and lodging costs.

2. Conference presenters who need an invitation from the Conference organizers are requested to submit their e-mail address or a fax number to Invitations will then be emailed or faxed to them, and then sent via snail mail.

3. Persons interested in attending this Conference may consider attending also International Workshop on ``Lorentz Group, CPT, and Neutrinos" which will held at Universidad de Zacatecas in the most picturesque city of Zacatecas, Mexico, from June 23 until June 26, 1999. For more information about this associated workshop see

Preliminary Schedule:

Here is a tentative schedule of topics. For a preliminary alphabetical list of speakers go to INDEX; for speakers and titles go to TALKS. Registration: CLOSEDbut you can still register in Ixtapa upon arrival on Sunday, June 27, from 15:00 to 19:00!

1. The Registration Fee depends on whether a participant will attend the first four days of the Conference or the seven days of the entire Conference.

Note: After June 21, 1999, registration will no longer be available at this site and all participants will have to register upon arrival in Ixtapa. In order to take advantage of lower hotel rates, Conference organizers strongly encourage all participants to register as soon as possible.

2. Additional nights before and after the Conference can be paid for at the rate of (approximately) $82 per night.

3. The Registration Fee covers:

4. For the Conference participants coming with families the costs mentioned in points 1 and 3 above are the same regardless in what room (single, double, or triple) they stay. Costs for the additional family members are as follows: 5. You can register for the 5th Conference, pay for extra family members, and, if you wish, you can contribute to a special fund intended to support graduate students. In order to register, select one of the following methods: 6. Please submit all abstracts to: your presentation is intended for one of the two special sessions, please submit one extra copy of your abstract to the session organizers.

7. There is no deadline for registration without an abstract just to attend the conference.

8. It is requested that maximum one page abstracts be submitted only in a form of a LaTeX2e file. Files in plain.tex, amslatex.tex, Postscript, Word, etc. will not be accepted. When submitting your abstract, please indicate the length of your talk (see below). If you have already submitted an abstract in another format than LaTeX2e, please re-submit it in LaTeX2e.

9. Lengths of talks:

More Information:

For more information please contact: Prof. Zbigniew Oziewicz at the Conference official e-mail address: or at his fax number 52-5623-1833.

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