MAY 20-25, 2002
Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tennessee

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Legend: BR119 = Bruner Hall 119, etc.
Time Room Session/Chair Code/Speaker/Title
8:15 - 8:30 BR119   Announcements
8:30 - 9:30 BR119 Plenary [PT-T1]  P. Jorgensen, "Quantum Wavelet Algorithms: Factorization, and Use of Clifford Groups and Algebras"
9:30 - 9:40     Break
9:40 - 10:40 BR119 Plenary [PT-T2] T. Iwaniec, "A Study of Nonlinear PDE's via Exterior Algebra"
10:40 - 10:50     Break
10:50 - 11:30 BR123 Analysis/W. Sproessig [RT-T1A]  J. Ryan, "Clifford and Harmonic Analysis on Some Conformally Flat Manifolds"
  BR124 Geometry/P. Jorgensen [RT-T2A]  A. Jadczyk, "Quantum Jumps with Indefinite Metric. Hyperbolic Quantum Fractals"
  BR126 Structures/S. N. Mankoc Borstnik [RT-T3A]  R. Serodio, "Zeros and Construction of Left Octonionic Polynomials"
  BR127 Physics/D. Smith [RT-T4A]  J. Besprosvany, “Standard-Model Representations and Interactions from Field Equations on an Extended Spin Space”
  BR104 Physics/J. M. Parra [RT-T6A] J. Kocik, “Clifford Algebra Valued Quantum Mechanics”
  BR306 Applications/C. Perwass [RT-T5A]  E. Bayro-Corrochano, J. F. Alvarado-Casas, "Quaternion Wavelet Transfom: Theory and applications"
11:30 - 12:10 BR123 Analysis/W. Sproessig [RT-T1B]  P. Cerejeiras, "Qp-Scales on Hyperbolic Projective Spaces"
  BR124 Geometry/P. Jorgensen [RT-T2B]  N. Anghel, "On Baer's Conformal Lower Bound for the Spectrum of Generalized Dirac Operators"
  BR126 Structures/S. N. Mankoc Borstnik [RT-T3B]  J. Freeman, "Special Operators on Clifford Algebras"
  BR127 Physics/D. Smith [RT-T4B]  M. Tanisli, “Quaternionic Gauge Transformations and the Energy Conservation Equation for Acoustics”
  BR104 Physics/J. M. Parra [RT-T6B]  P. Lounesto,“New Spinors Between the Weyl, Majorana and Dirac Spinors”
  BR306 Applications/C. Perwass [RT-T5B]  M. Felsberg,  G. Sommer, "Phase Estimation in 2D Signals with the Structure Multivector"
12:10 - 1:15     Lunch
1:15 - 2:15 BR119 Plenary [PT-T3]  T. Qian, "Paley-Wiener Theorem in the Clifford Algebra Setting" 
2:15 - 2:25     Break
2:25 - 3:25 BR119 Plenary [PT-T4]  A. J. Hahn, "The Clifford Algebra in the Theories of Algebras, Quadratic Forms, and Classical Groups"
3:25 - 4:00     Coffee Breakin Bruner 112
4:00 - 4:40 BR123 Analysis/B. Jefferies [RT-T1C]  S.-L. Eriksson-Bique, "Moebius Transformations and k-Hypermonogenic Functions"
  BR124 Geometry/U. Bruzzo [RT-T2C]  D. Hurley, M. Vandyck, "Lie and Covariant Differentiation on Spinor Fields"
  BR126 Structures/B. Fauser [RT-T3C]  A. Brini, F.Regonati, A.Teolis, "The Method of Virtual Variables, Polarizations and Supersymmetry"
  BR127 Physics/D. Finkelstein [RT-T4C]  P. Budinich, “From Clifford and Division Algebras, with the Associated Pure Spinors, to the Physics of Fermions”
  BR104 Physics/P. Lounesto [RT-T6C] A. Jadczyk, “Generalized Imprimitivity Systems, Quaternions and Monopoles”
  BR306 Applications/A. Lasenby [RT-T5C] C. Perwass, "The CLU-Project"
4:40 - 5:20 BR123 Analysis/B. Jefferies [RT-T1D]  G. Kaiser, "Electromagnetic Wavelets from Hertz Potentials"
  BR124 Geometry/U. Bruzzo [RT-T2D]  P. Somberg, "Properties of Invariant Differential Operators on Spinor-like Modules Valued Form"
  BR126 Structures/B. Fauser [RT-T3D]  A. Brini, F. Regonati, A.Teolis, "The Method of Virtual Variables and Young-Capelli Symmetrizers"
  BR127 Physics/D. Finkelstein [RT-T4D]  G. Dixon, “Algebraic Spinor Reduction and the Standard Model”
  BR104 Physics/P. Lounesto [RT-T6D] D. Dreisigmeyer, R. Clawson, R. E. Eykholt, P. M. Young, “Phase Formulas and the Beta Parameter in the Hestenes-Dirac Theory”
  BR306 Applications/A. Lasenby [RT-T5D]  C. Perwass, C. Gebken, G. Sommer, "Implementation of a Clifford Algebra Co-processor Design"
5:20 - 6:00 BR123 Analysis/B. Jefferies [RT-T1E]  A. El-Sayed, K. Guerlebeck, "Taylor Coefficients of Hyperholomorphic Bq Functions"
  BR124 Geometry/U. Bruzzo [RT-T2E]  L. Krump, "Hasse diagrams for parabolic geometries"
  BR126 Structures/B. Fauser [RT-T3E]  N. Degirmenci, S. Kocak, "Generalized Self-Duality of 2-Forms"
  BR127 Physics/D. Finkelstein [RT-T4E]  T. Dray, C. A. Manogue, “Using Octonions to Describe Fundamental Particles”
  BR104 Physics/P. Lounesto [RT-T6E] V. V. Dvoeglazov, “Generalization of the Dirac Equation and the Bargmann-Wigner Formalism”
  BR306 Applications/A. Lasenby [RT-T5E]  R. Ablamowicz, B. Fauser, "Effective Algorithms for Evaluating Clifford Products"
6:00     Dinner

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