MATH GO Mathematical Background for College Algebra Topic from Geometry Properties of triangles, circles, rectangles, and trapezoids Volumes and surface areas of solids Pythagorean Theorem Euclidean Coordinate System Sets and Set Operations Define types of variables Real Numbers and Their Properties Order, etc. Rational Exponents and Their Properties Expressions, Domains of Expressions, Equality and Inequality Polynomial Expressions Product and Factoring of Polynomial Expressions Zeros of Polynomial expressions Synthetic Division Equivalences and Identities Rational Expressions Simplification of Rational Expressions Algebraic Expressions and Their Simplification Absolute Value Lines and Properties of Lines Distance in the Euclidean Plane Circles, Properties of Circles, and Their Craphs Parabolas, Properties of Parabolas and Their Graphs Equations Equivalent Equations Solution of Linear and Quadratic Equations Solution of Linear Inequalities Solution of Absolute value Linear Equations and Inequalities Use the definition of absolute value Solution of Systems of Equations in Two Variables Consistent, inconsistent and dependent Manage GO GO Further