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  1. How can I upload a Latex file or a Quiz with Maxima?

    You have to modify the existing "thisquiz.tex", and incorporate it into what you have done.

  2. There may be a bug on the go further page. I was trying to create a new title, then to delete it at once. Then the page seems abnormal. No checkbox before the deleted title. When I clicked delete button, it was now gone and there was no checkbox.

    That was how I designed gofurther.cgi. But I made some changes so that you won't feel there is a bug any more.

  3. I found out after the action above, the new title has gone. Is the routine completed without warning? If not and you don't have the backup?

    There is no restoration process! Anyone can delete anything. Only way to restore is to keep all the uploaded files on your own machine in case.

  4. Why the owner of many paths and files is APACHE? Are all these files generated by apache?

    Yes, they are created by APACHE running various CGI programs, and therefore, owned by APACHE.

  5. How to output an MAXIMA expression with a sqrt sign?

    $\sqrt{\maxima a \endmaxima x^2+\maxima b \endmaxima y^2}$

    cannot give the correct output.

    CGI program quiz.cgi takes ``\maxima ... \endmaxima'' and convert the maxima expression ``...'' inside to ``$ ... $''. So you have to write ``\mbox{\maxima ... \endmaxima}'' as in

    $\sqrt{\mbox{\maxima a * x^2 + b * y^2 \endmaxima}}$

    The similar pair ``\maxima* ... \endmaxima*'' of commands suppresses the math mode ``$ ... $'' for the converted expression. The above expression can be alternatively written as follows:

    $\sqrt{\maxima* a \endmaxima* x^2 + \maxima* b \endmaxima* y^2}$

  6. How to write a logarithm with an arbitrary base?

    Here is how to do:

    $\log_{\maxima* b \endmaxima*}(\maxima* b^a \endmaxima*)$

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