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Mathematics Department
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Date: July 18, 2005


This website is designed to provide an experimental LATEX-based open-editing environment. The organization of pages in this site is exactly that of folders (i.e., the directory tree) under /MATHGO. Each page corresponds to a unique folder whose name is given by the title of page; for example, this page ``Guide to GO'' corresponds to the folder (directory) Guide_to_GO. Thus, the URL to this page is

Managing an existing page

[MANAGE GO] provides a basic service through which contributing authors can update a page content. Currently its access is restricted; ask for user password if you are interested in contributing to this website. The page content is generated by either thispage.tex or thisquiz.tex, and maintained by the authors. The core of HTML generator is nothing more than latex2html, and generates a set of HTML files and PNG images for math displays. The file thispage.tex is always converted to HTML under the subdirectory thispage. For example, this very HTML document is The authors are responsible for updating thispage.tex. On the other hand thisquiz.tex will be generated by request from ``visiting'' users, and placed at temporary subdirectory. In either case only ``contributing'' authors can download, upload, and delete the content of page.

Sections, links, and navigation bar

Sections \section{}'s and subsections \subsection{}'s in LATEX document are broken up and split into separate HTML files by latex2html These hypertexts of section-subsection are all anchored to the root note index.html. The navigation bar exactly copies the links in index.html, which is automatically done when the page is updated.

In order for the navigation bar to include other URL's a little trick is needed: If the title of section (or of subsection) has a part of title bracketed, it is understood as a URL. For example,

\section{[]TTU Math}

has the URL portion specified by the square brackets. The double square brackets can be used instead, say \section{[[]]TTU Math}, in which case the link will take over when clicked.

Creating a new page

[GO FURTHER] allows ``contributing'' authors to create and remove pages. When a new page is created, it selects thispage.tex by default to generate the page content. If QUIZ WITH MAXIMA is chosen the new page gets thisquiz.tex instead. Suppose that we create a new title, say ``Advanced Guide to GO.'' Then the new page is immediately generated and accessible at

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