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Nursing home

The data were collected by the Department of Health and Social Services of the State of New Mexico and cover 52 of the 60 licensed nursing facilities in New Mexico in 1988.


Howard L. Smith, Niell F. Piland, and Nancy Fisher, "A Comparison of Financial Performance, Organizational Characteristics, and Management Strategy Among Rural and Urban Nursing Facilities," Journal of Rural Health, Winter 1992, pp 27-40.


  1. BED: number of beds in home
  2. MCDAYS: annual medical in-patient days (hundreds)
  3. TDAYS: annual total patient days (hundreds)
  4. PCREV: annual total patient care revenue ($hundreds)
  5. NSAL: annual total nursing salaries ($hundreds)
  6. FEXP: annual facilities expenditures ($hundreds)
  7. RURAL: rural (1) and non-rural (0) homes

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