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About Data Sets

Here we illustrate survey methods and designs of experiment by looking into some of the data sets freely available at Data and Story Library (DASL). DASL is an online library of datafiles and stories which provides data from a wide variety of topics.

Popular kids (Data set: popularkids.txt)
Montana poll (Data set: montanapoll.txt)
Billionaires (Data set: billionaires.txt)
Teacher pay (Data set: teacherpay.txt)
Nursing home (Data set: nursinghome.txt)
Fisher Iris data (Data set: iris.txt)
Flea beetles (Data set: beetles.txt)
Brain size (Data set: brain.txt)
Sulfur in coal seams (Data set: coalseam.txt)
Life Expectancy (Data set: televisions.csv)
Smoking and Cancer (Data set: cigcancer.txt)
Hubble Constant (Data set: hubble.txt)
First food service time (Data set: servicetime.csv)
Darwin zea mays data (Data set: plantgrowth.txt)
Egg data (Data set: eggs.txt)
Blood pressure (Data set: blood.txt)
Fiber diet (Data set: fiber.txt)
Cloud seeding (Data set: cloud.txt)
Hearing tests (Data set: hearing.txt)
Cancer treatment (Data set: cancer.txt)
Drugs for itching (Data set: itching.txt)
Penicillin yield (Data set: penicillin.csv)
Latent heat (Data set: latentheat.csv)

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