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Tenderness of pork

Two different cooling methods for pork meat were compared in an experiment with 18 pigs from two different groups: low or high pH content. After slaughter, each pig was split in two and one side was exposed to rapid cooling while the other was put through a cooling tunnel. After the experiment, the tenderness of the meat was measured.
A data frame with 18 observations on the following 4 variables.
  1. pig: a numeric vector with the id of the pig
  2. ph: pH concentration level. A factor with levels high low
  3. tunnel: Tenderness observed from tunnel cooling
  4. rapid: Tenderness observed from rapid cooling
A. J. Moller and E. Kirkegaard and T. Vestergaard (1987). Tenderness of Pork Muscles as Influenced by Chilling Rate and Altered Carcass Suspension. Meat Science, 27, p. 275-286.

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