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Food intake for Danish people

The daily food intake was studied for 2224 subjects, and the content of many different vitamins and substances were measured.
A data frame with 2224 observations on the following 20 variables.
  1. person: subject id (a numeric vector)
  2. wt: weight (kg)
  3. ht: height (cm)
  4. sex: sex: 1 for male, 2 for female
  5. age: age
  6. bmr: basal metabolic rate
  7. E_bmr: energy divided by bmr
  8. energi: energy content (kJ)
  9. Avit: vitamin A (RE)
  10. retinol: retinol (microgram)
  11. betacar: beta-caroten (microgram)
  12. Dvit: vitamin D (microgram
  13. Evit: vitamin E (alphaTE)
  14. B1vit: vitamin B1 (milligram)
  15. B2vit: vitamin B2 (milligram)
  16. niacin: niacin (NE)
  17. B6vit: vitamin B6 (milligram)
  18. folacin: folacin (microgram)
  19. B12vit: vitamin B12 (microgram)
  20. Cvit: vitamin C (milliggram)
J. Haraldsdottir, J.H. Jensen, A. Moller (1985). Danskernes kostvaner 1985, Hovedresultater. Levnedsmiddelstyrelsen, publikation nr. 138.

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