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Drug in rat liver

An experiment was undertaken to investigate the amount of drug present in the liver of a rat. Nineteen rats were randomly selected, weighed, placed under a light anesthetic, and given an oral dose of the drug. It was believed that large livers would absorb more of a given dose than a small liver, so the actual dose given was approximately determined as 40 mg of the drug per kilogram of body weight. After a fixed length of time, each rat was sacrificed, the percent dose in the liver was determined
A data frame with 19 observations on the following 3 variables.
  1. weight : body weight of each rat in grams
  2. dose : relative dose of the drug given to each rat as a fraction of the largest dose
  3. liverdose : proportion of the dose in the liver
S. Weisberg (1985). Applied Linear Regression (2nd ed.). John Wiley and Sons.

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