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4480-5480 Lecture Notes

This course introduces the topics of probability distributions and mathematical statistics. Course objectives and student learning outcomes can be found at
MATH 4480 Syllabus

MATH 5480 Syllabus

Lecture note Contents Quiz/Test Solutions
note01.pdf (Rev. 02/06/18)
slides01.pdf (slides version)
Optional problems
1. MGF techniques
2. Chi-square, t, and F distributions
3. Sampling distributions
4. Order statistics
5. Solutions to exercises
Quiz No.1
Test 1
note02.pdf (Rev. 02/22/18)
slides02.pdf (slides version)
Optional problems
6. Law of large numbers
7. Central limit theorem
Quiz No.2
note03.pdf (Rev. 04/13/18)
slides03.pdf (slides version)
8. Point estimates and their confidence intervals
9. Tests of statistical hypotheses
10. Power of test
11. Comparison of two populations
12. Inference on proportions
13. Chi-square test
Quiz No.3
Quiz No.4
note04.pdf (Rev. 04/13/18)
slides04.pdf (slides version)
14. Maximum likelihood estimate
15. Properties of MLE
Quiz No.5
Test 2

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