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Get started with Maxima

Maxima is a fairly complete computer algebra system for symbolic computation, and available for free on Windows, Mac and Linux computers:


If you are the windows user, you can get an installer program maxima-5.20.x.exe from

Sourceforge download page

When you completed the installation, click the icon for wxMaxima. Close the help window, and hit [Enter] at the main windown. Then the following prompt should appears at the main window:

To carry out a simple calculation, type the expression, 5*2^3+4, at the prompt.
--> 5*2^3 + 4
Hit [Shift]+[Enter]. It evaluates the expression, and displays the result with the expression.
(%i1) 5*2^3 + 4;
(%o1) 44
The fraction can be evaluated and simplified, but it remains the fraction. For example, evaluate 24/9, and obtain the following result. Don't forget [Shift]+[Enter]!
(%i2) 24/9;
(%o2) -
In order to evaluate it numerically, you have to use the function "float".
(%i3) float(24/9);
(%o3) 2.666666666666667

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