Christopher B. Davis

Assistant Professor

Office: Bruner 307
Hours: TBA and by appointment
Phone: +1-931-372-3445
Email: cbdavis at tntech dot edu


In fall 2016 I am teaching Math 1910-3, Math 1911-800, Math-2120-6, and Math 6510-1 at TTU.
In summer 2016 I taught Math 1920-R53 and Math 2110-2 at TTU.
In spring 2016 I taught Math 1920-R53, Math 2110-4 , Math 2120-7, and Math 4220(5220)-1 at TTU.
In fall 2015 I taught Math 2110-6, Math 2120-4, and Math 4210(5210)-1 at TTU.
In summer 2015 I taught Math 1910-1 and Math 2120-1 at TTU.
In spring 2015 I taught Math 1920-9, Math 1920-4, Math 1921-800, and Math 2120-4 at TTU.
In fall 2014 I taught Math 1845-1, Math 1910-1, and Math 1910-4 at TTU.
In spring 2014 I taught Math 2065-1 at LSU.
In fall 2013 I taught Math 2085-1 at LSU.
In fall 2012 I taught Math 1551-1 at LSU.
In spring 2012 I taught Math 2065-3 at LSU.
In fall 2011 I taught Math 1552-16 at LSU.

Research Interests

I am interested in numerical analysis of partial differential equations. Currently, I am developing and analyzing partition of unity methods for fourth (and higher) order problems and their fast solvers.